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Cattle & Red Deer


Cattle are brought in on a ‘bed and breakfast’ system for a 20 week period from 1st May until the end of September. These cattle, that are sourced locally allow us to graze some of the harder higher ground that needs to be eaten throughout the grazing season. Grass can grow too fast at the height of the growing season for our sheep to be able to graze efficiently. The cattle eat the long tussocks and add manure back to the soil which is a valuable management tool.

Red Deer

Our Red Deer herd that live in the Deer Park are a very important part of the heritage of the Lowther Estate. Our deer roam and graze in their own natural environment, which provides a safe area to calve and live happily. The herd has access to 130 acres of habitat. We also graze our sheep with the deer which combines a tight grazing pattern. This is a benefit for both species. We supplement the deer’s feed during the winter months with good quality hay, so the herd’s health is not compromised. Any additional concentrates are purchased and fed if the winter is especially hard. Venison is sold commercially as the herd is balanced each year.