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Our flock consists of 5200 North Country mule breeding ewes plus 1000 replacement ewe lambs and are bred from hardy Swaledale mothers and Blue Faced Leicester rams. They are then crossed with Texel, Beltex, Charolais and Suffolk rams.

The lowland sires combined with a cross-bred hill ewe produce a quality lamb for a flexible market place. Our aim is to fatten as many lambs from grass, with the remainder grazed on stubble turnips or indoors. We are currently selling 1.69 lambs per ewe.

All the ewes are lambed from 1st April, to fully utilise the spring flush of grass which is in abundance at this time of year. We scan the flock in February to establish how many lambs the pregnant ewes are carrying, which are fed accordingly. We aim to lamb all the ewes through our sheds, even if they are only housed for a short period, so that our unit is fully efficient, whilst demonstrating a high level of welfare.


The aim of our arable enterprise is to produce a profitable crop, which is part of a sustainable rotation of Winter Wheat, Winter Barley and Oil Seed Rape. We have in excess of 900 acres of land that we can plough and cultivate. Towards the Lakeland fells the land is too rocky, which is ideal for our livestock enterprises.

We also aim to grow high energy grass, which is conserved and fed to our livestock during the winter period. The more we can grow and the better quality it is, the less concentrates we need to buy in for our livestock enterprises. By growing a different crop each year on the same land, pest and weeds are less of a problem which reduces the used of pesticides and fertiliser.