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Lowther History

A modern business in an ancient landscape

pict_al_shield2From the Bronze Age and even before, people have lived at Lowther. Iron Age hill forts are among many ancient reminders of the landscape’s early occupation. Around 1000 years ago, a Viking came, looking to settle by the river. His name is unknown but it was his descendant, Dolfin, who named the river Lowth-a. In 1283 Sir Hugh de Lowther – Attorney General to King Edward I and a descendant of Dolfin – was granted a licence to make a park at Lowther where he held the Manor.

Today the Lowther Estate – largely situated in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria – is a modern productive enterprise that nevertheless remains true to many of the family’s earliest held values. Lowther continues to be presided over by descendants of Dolfin and remains one of England’s most romantic and impressive estates.